vineri, 14 mai 2010

Something made for fun

Hey dragilor ? >:D<...Ce mai faceti? Vreau sa va anunt ca si eu si Alle am trecut cu bine de examene din fericire :D.So we've got an idea.Ne-am gandit sa facem ceva for fun pe numeste "Do you know the lyrics?". O sa punem 10 "intrebari",o sa punem primele cuvinte dintr'un vers al unui cantec si voi trebuie sa completati versul.
1) "Yeah, when my world is falling apart______________"
    a)When the waves are flooding the shore
     b)baby you're all that i want
     c)When there's no light to break up the dark
Ce trebuie sa faceti? Simplu.Lasati un comment cu raspunsurile voastre. Exemplu. 1) - a) 2) - c) 3) - a) etc... O sa punem in fiecare saptamana cate un quiz format din 10 intrebari.Fiecare serie de quiz'uri va dura o luna , asta insemnand 4 quiz'uri.Cel care are cele mai multe raspunsuri corecte de la toate cele 4 quiz'uri va fi desemnat castigator al acelei serii.Nu este un concurs cu premii reale avand in vedere ca este ceva "only for fun".Castigatorul va primi o diploma facuta de mine si de Alle si o va putea admira pe blogul nostru timp de o luna.Apoi vom afisa diploma urmatorului castigator si tot asa..So hai sa vedem cine stie cele mai multe versuri:)...
Primul quiz:
1)“People try to tell me but I still refuse to listen_____________”
      a)cause they don’t know you
      b)I feel so much better
       c)Cuz they don't get to spend time with you you you
2)"I want the money, Money and the cars__________"
       a) hip hop is like school yeah I had to learn it
       b) cars and the clothes, the hoes
       c) i just wanna be successful, I jsut wanna be
3)"You gotta be feeling crazy how can U walk away, everything stays the same I just can`t do it baby____________"
     a) Girl, I told you what it is and it just ain`t like that
      b) what will it take to make you come back?
     c)baby, I will wait for you If you think I`m fine it just ain`t true
4)"Even though it seems your far away________"
      a)I'm missing you more everyday
      b) and I was like baby, baby, baby oh like baby, baby, baby
       c) where`s the peace of my mind d) where are you in mi life where`s the song in my heart   5)„Cause when the roof cave in and the truth came out I just didn't know what to   do__________________”
         a)I thought you'd never come this far
         b)Look how you get me higher
        c)But when I become a star we'll be living so large I'll do anything for you
6)" And what`s even worse? that we don`t even remember why we`re fighting so both of us are mad for_________"
        a)nothing, whoa but we won`t let it go for
        b)nothing, fighting for nothin`, crying for nothin` whoa
        c) oh baby, I know sometimes it`s gonna rain but baby, can we make up now?
7)” I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car_________”
          a)He's got a one-hand feel on the steering wheel ,the other on my heart
          b) I closed my eyes and the flashback starts
          c) That face of an angel comes out
8) „When my time comes ,forget the wrong that I’ve done____"
          a)Keep me in your memory
          b)I wanna fly,I wanna drive,I wanna go
          c)Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
9)"I never thought that it be easy Cause we both so distance now And the walls are closing in on us And we're wondering how____________"
         a)And you can see the look on my face It just tells me apart
         b) No one has a solid answer But just walking in the dark
         c)So its up to to you and its up to me
           That we meet in our middle way
          On our way back down to earth
 10) "You're a class of your own and Ooh little cutie, when you talk to me_________"
           a)I don't want nobody else
             Without you there's noone left, and You're like Jordans on Saturday
            b)I feel like flying
           c)I swear the whole world stops
So this is it:D...
P.S : Vom pune cate un quiz in fiecare vineri. Acest quiz ramane valabil pana vinerea viitoare 21.Mai.2010 ora 18:00.Atunci il vom pune pe urmatorul.

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